We don’t know who we are until we’re connected to someone else. We’re just better human beings when we’re with the person we’re supposed to be with.

I like smelling you. Not soap.

Such bullshit.


Okay, so let me explain to you the real situation, not all this bullshit that everyone’s making up at the moment.

Can somebody please tell me how is two people making each other happy worse than some other famous people who drive like crazy when they’re drunk, sleeping with brazilian whores and peeing on Berlin’s wall? This was done with Ania’s permission, even though “legally” she was still a minor. Well, okay, let’s say she’d have sex with a different 15 years old guy. Do you think that if he’d be a youtuber she wouldn’t tell anyone? Yeah, she would. Because that’s what ATTENTION WHORES ARE. The think is that she remembered about this when Jason became kinda more famous on YouTube. She didn’t tell anyone before. Not because she was scared for her life or anything. She actually just wanted to get attention and there was just this “right” moment to do that, when all the other YouTubers dramas faded away and only Sam Pepper was out there, which, actually, made a lot of sense, since people were thinking about women abuse, but not a great drama was happening around it. It was a perfect moment to become an “innocent sheep”, who was “raped” by this BIG SCARY MAN JASON. Do you guys understand what actually rape is? If not, let me help you. Here’s a screenshot of definition with some of my notes.


I don’t know what’s wrong with all you people, when you know she was actually almost 16 years old, when YOU CAN FUCK WITH WHOEVER AND WHENEVER YOU WANT. He didn’t make her do that. He liked her, she liked him back, so they just basically fucked, because they both wanted to. 

Oh, and by the way, what did she say? “I’d like to clarify that my reason for making this video are not for attention or sympathy or revenge or anything like that. Literally I’m just going to tell you something that happened to me, because I think it may prevent it happening to anyone else in the future.” Oh really? If you just wanted to warn other people than you should’ve told about what happened without saying his name. Because you know what? She waited for the whole year to tell what happened. If she’d be hurt or something, she could’ve gone to the police. Do you really think that police would be like “haha, you’re just making things up”? Of course not. So the fact that she didn’t tell the police only means that she LIKED IT. So, if you liked it, why would even bother telling other people? Right. Fame. Do you guys remember Olga? Do you remember how much attenion she got after this whole story became so public? I know russians. Most of them are actual attention whores, who are ready to do anything to get their so desired attention. You have no idea how half of what Ania said could be made up to look more like a victim. She agreed on drinking. They both got drunk. Both of them didn’t control themselves as good as they could. That’s it. None of you were there, so stop assuming things and making Jason a freaking manipulator, she may have gone for it herself. None of us are judges. He didn’t get her on drugs, tied her up and had sex with her, while she was screaming about how she doesn’t want this to happen. THAT WOULD BE AN ACTUAL RAPE, FOR FUCKS SAKE. She didn’t even get wounded. And, you know what? It’s funny how when other people just fuck with each other it’s okay, but when a youtuber is involved in that sort of situation, it gets public.

 All of you “fans” and “friends” who are cutting those bracelets on cameras and making him go away, I’m adressing to you. Just go away you all two-faced animals, you all are so fake, I don’t even wanna talk about this. At least, Jason is not as fake as you are. I just hope that you’ll never come back, because nobody needs people like you, especially Jason. All of you are just thinking about your slippery reputation, which is not even real, same as everything about you.

Please remember that there’s real world out there. If you all are so offended by “rape”, then why won’t you go and actually do something instead of just sitting on your ass and hitting your keyboard by typing all those hateful tweets, posts and comments? Whay won’t go and make an organisation that’s looking for all the real rapists out there, who rape and kill children every day? Why do you do nothing about them, about the real danger? Because you actually don’t care.

"Do you guys understand what actually rape is?" Do you understand what rape is? Apparently not. Rape is non-consensual sex. Ania was

  • 15 years old, which means that she was under the age of consent. That is, according to the law, statutory rape.
  • Under the influence of alcohol. Drunk people can not give consent

"Do you really think that police would be like “haha, you’re just making things up”?" Um, actually, yes.

An early study conducted in the United States of America, for instance, revealed that the police officers who participated in the research believed approximately three out of every five rape complaints to be either false or mistaken (Feldman-Summers and Palmer, 1980). Likewise, in Chambers and Millar’s (1983) Scottish study, many detectives estimated false complaints to be very common, with one saying he believed only 1:20 were ‘real rapes’ (Chambers and Millar, 1983: 85 footnote).

Jordan, Jan. “Beyond belief? Police, rape and women’s credibility.” Criminal Justice 4.1 (2004): 29-59.”

NYPD officer

So the fact that she didn’t tell the police only means that she LIKED IT.” What kind of fucked up person are you? Do you know why most women don’t report rape? Because they “have little confidence that their attacker would be brought to justice”, or because they’re too ashamed. Because of people like you. More than half of the 1,609 female respondents to the survey by the parenting website Mumsnet “said the legal system, the media and society at large is unsympathetic to rape victims”.

He didn’t get her on drugs, tied her up and had sex with her, while she was screaming about how she doesn’t want this to happen. THAT WOULD BE AN ACTUAL RAPE, FOR FUCKS SAKE.” NONE OF THIS HAS TO HAPPEN IN ORDER FOR IT TO BE RAPE!!! PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON RAPE VICTIMS DON’T REPORT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! 

  • If someone doesn’t give you consent, THAT IS RAPE
  • Silence doesn’t mean consent!!!
  • If you coerce someone to have sex with you, THAT IS RAPE
  • Consent given under physical OR EMOTIONAL duress is not freely or willingly given, THAT IS RAPE
  • If someone is impaired due to alcohol or drugs the person isn’t deemed capable of consenting and sex with that person IS RAPE even if the impaired person said yes!!!

Congratulations, you are officially a rape apologist and the scum of this earth! I honest to God hope you will read that ignorant harmful bullshit you managed to write down in a few years and be ashamed of yourself. Oh, and by the way, go fuck yourself.


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