“Justin’s come of age in the middle of a battlefield. Earned his purple heart, for chrissake. He’s a soldier, Brian. He fights for what he wants – to be who he is with no shame, to love who he loves with no apology.” Dusty dragged her fingers through the wires hanging above her head. “Idealists always push their boundaries. They shame us into pushing ours. Or frighten us into hiding. Our choice.” (x)

Da steht nur dauernd was von anmelden und mein handy hasst die pop-ups :D musst du dich nicht anmelden ? Sorry wenn ich nerve :D musst nicht antworten wenn du keine lust hast. C:

also wenn ich auf beispielsweise Queer as Folk Season 1 Episode 1 anstatt Stream Video Now! gehe muss ich mich nicht anmelden… ansonsten probiers mal hier? (◡‿◡✿)

As for the ass business…

Please, at his age he needs all the help he can get to attract those hot young things.


Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk

for Spiky


Have you ever not cared about something so much that you start actively hating the fact that anyone cares about it?